About Us

Our story begins with a search.

In May 2020, at the end of a Zoom call with my daughter's college counselor, I was advised to search each college's website for a virtual tour, then YouTube for student tours, then SCOIR, Naviance, PowerSchool, and other various sites, and the list goes on. My daughter (like the other 5 million kids who apply to college each year) decided to create a spreadsheet where she could collect and compare information for her top colleges. However, as her college search progressed, her college list changed - more than a few times – which meant she had to keep recreating the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet became inefficient and, honestly, a pain in the neck. Which is why we built College Rover, a user-friendly tool for students and parents/guardians to quickly sift through mountains of information about colleges – then share, save, and download! Is this tool perfect? Not yet. We'll be working to add colleges, attributes, and functionalities over time. In the meantime, we hope this tool helps with your search process. One more thing – we've built this tool for you and are interested in your feedback - don't be shy about clicking the feedback button above to let us know what you think or to suggest things that may be helpful.

Best Regards, Bill

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